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Building Homes Up, In and Out

Often when I speak with people about the Home Builders’ Association, they picture in their mind new subdivisions – single family homes, semi-detached and townhouses mostly. And while subdivisions are an important part of new homes in Ottawa, GOHBA home builders also build every other type of home you can think of: condos, both in…

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How the federal government can help people get into homes in Ottawa

On March 19 the federal government will deliver its final budget before the national election in October. This is important for Ottawa residents because the federal government sets the rules for mortgage insurance and financing to purchase a home. Home Builders’ Associations operate at the municipal, provincial and federal level. So, when you join the…

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What Building and Renovating Homes Means to Ottawa in 2019

Valentine’s Day means different things to different people. For me, Valentine’s is an opportunity to take a moment to reflect on what others mean to us. Here’s what the residential construction and renovation industry means to the City and people of Ottawa: jobs, economic growth across the city, and, most importantly, homes for our families.…

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