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GOHBA Welcomes Housing Supply Measures Such as Four Units Per Lot and Changes to Parking Provisions in Ottawa’s New Zoning By-Law Draft 

OTTAWA, April 19, 2024 — The Greater Ottawa Home Builders’ Association (GOHBA) expresses support for several proposed measures outlined in the initial draft of the City of Ottawa’s new Zoning By-law, namely: allowing four units per lot, allowing some front yard parking, eliminating parking spot minimums and ending the use of streetscape character analysis for infill projects.


“Upon initial review, the City of Ottawa is taking a proactive approach with these zoning proposals to address our crucial housing needs,” said Jason Burggraaf, Executive Director at GOHBA. “It is clear that the City recognizes the need to overhaul our zoning to match its housing goals laid out in our Official Plan.”


The proposal for allowing up to four units per lot citywide follows up on the City’s commitment under the Housing Accelerator Fund. Further proposals to transition from fixed minimum parking space ratios to a flexible, choice-based approach, allowing flexible front yard parking options, and discontinuing application of the Streetscape Character Analysis in the proposed new Zoning By-law were recommendations made by GOHBA in its recent white paper, Zoning Bylaws to Successfully Implement the Housing Accelerator Fund.


One aspect worth considering is that this draft Zoning By-law is built on Ottawa’s new Official Plan, which outlines the city’s anticipated growth trajectory up to 2046. While the Official Plan was devised for a population growth of 400,000 over the next 22 years, updated projections from the Ontario Ministry of Finance expect Ottawa’s population increase will be closer to 650,000 within the specified timeframe. This raises valid concerns regarding the adequacy of the proposed zoning provisions to accommodate the housing needs of our expanding community.


As review of the draft Zoning By-law progresses, GOHBA will continue to collaborate with partners and stakeholders ahead of the Joint Planning and Housing and Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee meeting scheduled for Monday, April 29.


GOHBA remains committed to advocating for policies that promote housing affordability and supply for Ottawa’s residents, now and into the future.


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