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Ottawa Home Builders Welcome Ontario Budget 2024’s Boost to Housing Infrastructure

March 27, 2024, OTTAWA, ON – The Greater Ottawa Home Builders’ Association (GOHBA) applauds Ontario Budget 2024’s commitment to housing infrastructure, supply and affordability measures. These initiatives signify a positive trajectory for the housing sector in Ottawa and throughout the province.

Entitled “Building a Better Ontario,” the budget helps address critical cost issues impacting new housing supply in communities provincewide.

With an allocation of $3 billion to the newly announced Building Ontario Fund, alongside last week’s announcements of $1 billion for the new Municipal Housing Infrastructure Program and an additional $625 million for the Housing-Enabling Water Systems Fund, totaling $825 million, these funds are dedicated to bolstering municipalities in constructing crucial housing-enabling infrastructure such as roads, bridges and water systems.

“Ontario Budget 2024 underscores the province’s commitment to investing in the infrastructure we need to increase the supply of housing,” said Jason Burggraaf, GOHBA’s Executive Director. “These measures should not only enhance housing affordability but they should also stimulate economic growth and job creation in the construction sector.”

Additionally, GOHBA acknowledges the government’s efforts to bolster the supply of affordable housing in Ontario through tax incentives for purpose-built rentals and encouraging innovations in modular construction.

As always, GOHBA remains committed to collaborating with policymakers, industry stakeholders and communities to increase housing affordability and supply for residents in Ottawa and across Ontario, both now and into the future.


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Jason Burggraaf
Executive Director
Greater Ottawa Home Builders’ Association



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