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GOHBA White Paper: Proposing Zoning Reforms for Housing in Ottawa

March 26, 2024, OTTAWA, ON — With the City of Ottawa’s zoning bylaws under review, the Greater Ottawa Home Builders’ Association (GOHBA) has released a new white paper that outlines critical policy reforms to maximize the municipality’s Housing Accelerator Fund (HAF) commitments, reduce housing red tape and meet its urgent housing needs faster.

Within the white paper, entitled ‘Zoning Bylaws to Successfully Implement the Housing Accelerator Fund,’ GOHBA analyzes the city's zoning bylaws and proposes crucial reforms to address the pressing demand for housing by offering actionable insights and suggestions.

Through an examination of the city’s existing zoning bylaws, Ottawa’s HAF commitments, provincial legislation and policy perspectives, GOHBA outlines the urgent need for transformative changes to enhance the city's housing supply and affordability.

In addition, the white paper explores the historical use of exclusionary zoning practices in Ottawa and recommends reforms to align zoning regulations with density goals. It emphasizes the need for additional reforms beyond existing commitments to bolster the housing supply.

“Ottawa has the opportunity to be an example of progressive leadership in zoning,” said Jason Burggraaf, GOHBA’s Executive Director. “The city’s bylaw amendments will not only shape the lives of the people who call this city their home today, but for generations to come.”

The release of this white paper marks a significant milestone in the ongoing dialogue surrounding development and housing affordability in Ottawa. GOHBA invites stakeholders, policymakers and the public to engage with the insights and recommendations presented in the document.


Access the full white paper here.


Media Contact


For media inquiries or a copy of the white paper, contact:


Jason Burggraaf
Executive Director
Greater Ottawa Home Builders’ Association




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