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Summer Renovations

In the long, warm, sunny days from May to October, you might want to spend as much time outside your home as you can. And that can mean renovating the outdoors, in a manner of speaking. Your professional renovator can provide you with lots of ideas about the things that beautiful summers are made of.…

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Making the Shift to Infill

The health and safety of workers and homeowners is the priority while navigating the COVID-19 pandemic. This requires an increased focus on health and safety considerations on renovation jobs or warranty work in a new home. The Association has worked with a number of partners, health authorities and regulators to develop protocols for working in…

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Communicating for Renovation Success!

No matter how badly you want your renovation to go smoothly, and no matter how great the skills of your renovator or design professional, if there’s no communication, the project could be rocky. This is one reason a project’s site supervisor, project manager, foreman or owner is so critical to its success. These people talk…

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