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Communicating for Renovation Success!

No matter how badly you want your renovation to go smoothly, and no matter how great the skills of your renovator or design professional, if there’s no communication, the project could be rocky.

This is one reason a project’s site supervisor, project manager, foreman or owner is so critical to its success. These people talk to everyone several times a day during the life of a project – to homeowners, designers, trades, contractors. The best are true “people persons” who understand about stress, miscues, egos, temperaments, personalities and all the little aspects of making people who they are. They keep an eye on safety, timing, progress and any onsite issues. They make sure everything’s going according to plan, and that everyone’s coordinated.

More than anything, they know that their ability to communicate is critical to the success of the renovation.

Ideally, a site supervisor will share frequent photos live from the job site as the project develops. It’s fun for the homeowners; it also gives them a chance to spot something they might like to question, and have it answered right away.

Homeowners, too, need to be able to communicate. They need to state, in clear terms, what they want, what they like and don’t like, what they expect. They need to be available by phone, email, text or their renovation company’s intranet to make comments, answer questions or make last-minute decisions or suggestions. Success can depend on their attitudes and level of courtesy as well as their commitment to “being there” (even if not in person) when they’re needed.

Everybody, from homeowners to contractors, tradespeople, designers and office staff, runs the risk of falling into a deep hole of silence and miscommunication; but when everyone is aware and communicates effectively and timely, it makes for a much smoother (and happier) project.

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