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Summer Renovations

In the long, warm, sunny days from May to October, you might want to spend as much time outside your home as you can. And that can mean renovating the outdoors, in a manner of speaking.

Your professional renovator can provide you with lots of ideas about the things that beautiful summers are made of.

You might dream of fences and gates, trellises and lattice, of fountains and courtyards, of quiet sitting areas, of covered decks or patios; of a porch, or a verandah.

You might dream of winding pathways through your yard, perhaps lined with lavender, perhaps made of limestone with low-growing thyme.

You might decide this is the year for the perfect potting shed or gazebo. Or maybe it will be a treehouse for children or grandchildren.

Once you’ve narrowed it down to the way you want your property to look and function, it will be time to find the right person for the job. This step is critical, of course, because everything of quality takes someone who knows how to create it to last. Renovators are available in a variety of specialties, capabilities and characteristics, but the most important thing about them is whether they are trustworthy.

Some renovators only take on great big jobs. Others will do smaller projects or specialize in landscape design. Start by finding renovators who are committed to the RenoMark™  program, and then decide who will build your porch, deck, gazebo, potting shed or anything else that suits your fancy.

And start looking forward to the summer of your dreams.

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