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Here comes a happy summer

Can you see it? It’s so close you can practically touch it. Summer is just around the corner. With summer comes outdoor living and entertaining. With summer come friends and neighbours and family visits. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have all your summer meals outdoors, especially when the days are long and the sun stays…

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Plan a space for children

Renovating a bathroom or a kitchen is one thing. Creating a space for kids is quite another. When you are planning an addition or renovating a floor in your home, this is probably the ideal time to come up with a special child-space. But it needs careful consideration ‒ more careful, perhaps, than choosing appliances…

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Dear to your sewing heart

Has the time finally come? To do something for you and only you? Some people are lucky enough to buy a home that already has dedicated space for their favourite hobby. An art studio, for instance. Or a workshop. Or, dear to the hearts of people who sew, a full sewing room with everything at…

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How the federal government can help people get into homes in Ottawa

On March 19 the federal government will deliver its final budget before the national election in October. This is important for Ottawa residents because the federal government sets the rules for mortgage insurance and financing to purchase a home. Home Builders’ Associations operate at the municipal, provincial and federal level. So, when you join the…

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Listen to your dog

Suppose your dog could talk. And suppose you’ve scheduled a renovation of your main floor, maybe going as far as also landscaping the backyard. Imagine yourself asking your dog if she or he has any ideas about the way things should go. Such a conversation could be the germ of a really great environment not…

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