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Dear to your sewing heart

Has the time finally come? To do something for you and only you?

Some people are lucky enough to buy a home that already has dedicated space for their favourite hobby. An art studio, for instance. Or a workshop.

Or, dear to the hearts of people who sew, a full sewing room with everything at hand: a sewing room where you can close the door and leave, knowing it’s yours, not to be touched or messed with until you return.

But in general, such perfect situations don’t come ready-made. Usually, you have to create and customize them for yourself. This is where your RenoMark renovator comes in.

If you’re already planning a big renovation, this might be the time to convert a space formerly occupied by a bedroom (or better still, two); or your new sewing room might be a focal point of a new addition.

Your renovator will have many suggestions. Here are some possibilities:


  • A quality of light. You will need lots of natural light ‒ big windows and perhaps a sun tunnel or skylight or two.
  • White walls that will enhance the natural light of the room and, what’s more, white won’t compete with fabrics and all the other colours that will find their way into this room.
  • Excellent lighting and light fixtures that you can adjust and move closer to your project as you wish.
  • Storage: plenty of shelves and drawers and cubbies and closets.
  • A large layout area ‒ an island, perhaps ‒ for rolling out fabric, cutting patterns, and piecing quilts together, for example.
  • A wonderful floor. It should be smooth and a snap to clean.
  • A good environment. A system that gives you temperature-controlled, humidity-controlled comfort in every season. Go ahead and dream, first of your new, personalized sewing space and then of all the magnificent projects you will produce. Tell your renovator this one’s for you.

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