The Right Countertop

The Right Countertop

Your kitchen is about to be renovated. It will be fantastic. It will be beautiful, functional, bright. It will be a happy place.

 You’re about to choose colours and cabinets and flooring, and… oh, wait. Countertops. Now what? How do you know what you want?

 You might look through magazines, and surf the Internet. You might ask your friends. You might invite yourself over to see your neighbours’ new kitchen, and check out what they chose.

You’ll probably visit showrooms. Your professional renovator will be a good source of information about where to find these. There’s just so much to learn.

 It seems there are endless brands, materials, and colours. Will you want bamboo, butcher block, granite, quartz, marble, soapstone, engineered stone, “solid surface”? Maybe you’ll want to have a custom counter, manufactured just for you.

Who knew such a simple thing could be so complicated?

Whatever you do, don’t rush it. A good countertop is going to be with you for a long time.

Think about your lifestyle. If you have a busy (and inclined to be messy) family, you might not want a counter that shows every fingerprint. Do you want something manufactured or natural? Do you want “green” materials? Do you want something that will repel bacteria? Do you want your counter to be ageless so it doesn’t look dated in five years?

Once you’ve done your own research, call in the experts. Ask your renovator about inviting a designer into your space to talk to you about all your options. The time and effort that you spent in planning will payoff in the long run.


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