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Look to the Sky

Artists and photographers know how beautiful light can be, especially when it’s natural, at various times of the day and in all seasons. Light makes you feel better – the Spring season is a perfect example as research indicates the exposure to increased sunlight triggers a release of serotonin, a hormone associated with boosting mood.

When you start thinking about renovation, one of the first things you might consider will be the quality of light in your home.

When you’re thinking “light”, you’ll probably pay close attention to the windows in your home and how a renovation might improve them. You might also get serious about skylights and sun tunnels. They can add an extra dimension, a soft, flattering light in your home that is beautiful from the moment the sun comes up until it sets.

They’re a perfect solution to houses that tend to be narrow and dark. A sun tunnel, which is a lens on your roof and one on the ceiling, connected with a highly reflective tube, can carry daylight from the roof all the way to the basement in a way that a window can’t. The light from a sun tunnel is focused, and reflected rather than direct.

It used to be that skylights had a reputation for leaking. No more ‒ at least, not when they are professionally installed. Skylights and sun tunnels are now manufactured with state-of-the-art materials and technology, and when the experts install them, they’re elegant, with a seamless connection to the roof, in technical precision with strict slope requirements. (This is not something to do yourself.)

Skylights come in a variety of sizes, and sun tunnels spread light depending on the diffuser, which comes in different-sized lenses. Sun tunnels in particular are perfect for dark closets, laundry rooms, and small spaces. They’re so bright that it can feel as though you’ve forgotten to switch off the overhead light.

When you’re talking “windows” with your RenoMark Renovator, ask about skylights and sun tunnels (if your renovator doesn’t already mention them).

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