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Housing Resolutions for 2021

Each year at this time I talk about resolutions for housing in Ottawa for the coming year. For 2021 I would still like to see the public conversation focus more around the contribution homes make to our communities, to our fellow citizens, and to ourselves and our families.

Last year the City committed to seeing a significant increase in the number of new homes built in existing neighbourhoods in the next 25 years. Half of the 194,000 new homes we’re going to need for our growing population are expected to go into Hubs around rapid transit stations, in corridors and in 15-minute neighbourhoods.

So we need to resolve to make all of our neighbourhoods more welcoming places. Let’s embrace diversity in our neighbourhoods, in both people and types of homes, and recognize that diversity produces strong, vibrant and lively communities with unique shops and better amenities.

New Home Warranty and Renovations under COVID

The health and safety of workers and homeowners has continued to be the number one priority throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. GOHBA members have remained vigilant with their focus on health and safety for renovation jobs or warranty work in a new home.

Prevention includes not only best-practices while operating in the home, but also protocols for communication. Amutually-agreed upon list of written protocols will provide you (and the renovator) with peace of mind. Please remember that any rules that you want trades to follow, you also need to follow yourself.

Why is it so important that residential construction and renovation sites stay open?

An average of 500 to 600 families a month move into a new home in Ottawa. Most often, they are leaving a home that another family is moving into, or leaving an apartment that will be filled by someone else. Many don’t have alternative accommodation available if they aren’t able to move into these new homes.

In addition, there are 1000s of renovation projects across the city in various states of completion. All of these renovations improve and/or expand the livable space of someone’s home – something that’s precious now more than ever.

Quebec Lockdown

With the new lockdown announced for Quebec, which will partially affect the manufacturing and construction sectors, there may be some impact on the supply of lumber, other building materials or mechanicals, as well as skilled trade workers, which may affect timelines for renovation projects and new home construction.

As we experienced back in August/September, we’re likely to see continued supply constraints and price increases for wood products.

For those who are having or just had a new home built, you may see delays in construction, closing timelines, or warranty appointments.

As we everything over the past year, we need patience and understanding as we move into 2021.

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