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Listen to your Best Friend

Suppose that your dog could talk.

And suppose you’ve scheduled a renovation of your main floor, maybe going as far as also landscaping the backyard.

Imagine yourself asking your dog if she or he has any ideas about the way things should go.

Such a conversation could be the impetus for the development of a really great environment not only for your dog, but for people, too. (Happy dog, happy you and all that.)

“Build me a piece of heaven outdoors,” your dog might say, “and while you’re at it, indoors, too.”

Your renovator might not normally be in the business of canine renovations, but the best renovators, being creative and innovative types, will probably have lots of ideas that will also enhance and complement your property once you advise what you (and your dog) want.

Here are some ideas:

  • A little “ante-room” for Doggie, with a dog door that swings out and in but without allowing cold or hot air to interfere with the comfort of your home.
  • A doggie clean-up sink or small shower with storage for wet paw towels.
  • A cleanable, hose-able backyard doggie area. Slate surfaced, for instance.
  • Easily maintained walkways to allow Doggie to get to winter “business” done ‒ perhaps narrow “sidewalks” made of wood. Maybe even heated?
  • Shade for Doggie and humans in the form of strategically-placed trees or stylish overhang.
  • An elegant dog house (Doggie would really like this) in the same colours and style as your house.
  • Good fencing for your yard or at least for the part that Doggie inhabits and technology can help here with invisible fences.
  • Benches and gardens for humans so they can sit in beauty and comfort while they pet Doggie. (Doggie’s favourite.)
  • Perhaps a side-yard with room for furniture and eating area where Doggie is not allowed, especially when guests who are not “dog people” visit. (Doggie thinks this is entirely unnecessary, but… you know.)

Of course, you will be loved by Doggie no matter what you do.

But paws are crossed for this thoughtful, practical, aspect of your renovation.

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