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Where summer lives

What’s a room that isn’t a room?

It can be your most favourite place of all: outdoors on the deck. This is a place for family and friends, meals and long chats, a refuge, a retreat. It’s where summer happens (spring and fall, too, if we’re lucky).

But it has to be built professionally and properly. Decks are too big a project, and one you want to last a long time, to leave it to anyone without a good deal of experience. The construction of a deck needs the same care as a new kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom.

There are many details to think about before construction begins. There’s the matter of local requirements for stairs and railings, building and electrical permits, insurance coverage, safety inspection, materials, design, size, and function. The foundation support for your deck will be the most important element, based on considerations such as the frost line, soil depth, drainage, and other necessary precautions to keep your deck stable and long lasting.

Your professional renovator, architect, or designer will arrange all the permits and inspections needed. They will also select the best kind of material for you to make sure that the resulting surface is smooth, comfortable, long lasting and aesthetically pleasing. They will also ensure rails and stairs are properly supported under the constant wear and tear of busy, active families.

A deck must be as solid as it should be beautiful, perfectly finished, well waterproofed, and reasonable to maintain. Don’t be tempted to hire someone who “builds decks” for a cheaper price, especially if that means they prefer cash payment. As with any renovation, get references and estimates, and use a contractor who is a member of a professional association and/or carries the RenoMark™ logo.

And then enjoy your best space at home in comfort and safety


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