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Keep it simple




Renovation is not for the faint of heart, especially when it comes to cost. But there are ways you can keep costs down. It just takes a bit of planning and thinking.

Here are some simple tips from the experts:


  • Hire a professional RenoMark registered renovator who looks at space in innovative ways. You may not really need a bigger kitchen. You might just need someone with the imagination and know-how to make the space more workable and to appear bigger.
  • Get to know your renovator. Explain that you only want to make one substantial change every year or two. Ask what one thing would make the biggest difference. That way you can plan and budget for what comes next. Your professional renovator is good at seeing ahead to the next possibility and designing this year’s project so the next one can work seamlessly.
  • Ask your designer and renovator to present options for the key features that you are looking for. This will result in a range of costs and may help you to decide about phasing your renovation project.
  • Work with your designer to incorporate new windows, but wherever possible, keep them the same size and in the same place to avoid rebuilding wall systems.
  • If your plumbing and mechanical systems are still in good shape, your renovator can work around the existing system. Try to keep as much of the existing home mechanical systems and structure as possible.
  • Custom cabinets are beautiful, but ready-made ones can also be beautiful. They’re less expensive and can be adjusted to your new space.
  • Use fabric rather than glass for shower enclosures.
  • Hire a great designer to redesign rather than remodel for now with paint, finishes, and creative effects. It could even be phase one of a bigger renovation to come later.
  • Let your renovator know you’d like to use, wherever possible, materials from the Habitat for Humanity Restore.

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