Your magical stairway

Your magical stairway

You might not want it to take you all the way to heaven, but a stairway, artfully placed and manufactured, can be a bit of heaven in itself. It doesn’t need to be what you’ve always seen ‒ that is, simply a way to get up and a way to get down. It can actually be the focal point of your home, with stunning impact as well as function. It can appear to float. It can be surrounded by glass. It can take you from one floor to another or reach from the basement to the third floor. It can be made with the finest oak or brushed stainless steel. It can incorporate tiny LED lights not only for safety but for a beautiful touch on dark nights. It can be magical.

Your professional renovator can discuss all your “stairway” options. Renovators know how amazing they can be. You might want to actually begin your renovation with a wonderful stairway and have your renovation designed around it. It could be a work of art, a conversation starter.

Your staircase doesn’t have to be a breathtaking wonder, of course. But it can be beautiful, unique, warm, functional, traditional, and beautifully crafted. It can be natural wood or it can be painted. It can be subtle. It can be ornate, or it can conjure up feelings of time past, with carvings and elegant bannisters.

When you’re planning a new look for a room or a part of your home, look up… and imagine the “up” with style.




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