Your colour your life

Your colour your life

What colour is your lifestyle? Is it warm and welcoming with a touch of humour and whimsy – maybe, say, orange? Is it bright and upbeat and happy – maybe yellow? Is it reflective and gentle – for instance, blue? Is it calm and serene, like green or aqua?

Maybe it depends on the room you’re in. If you like lively debate around the table, maybe you’ll use red in your dining room. If it’s a music room, you might want something calm but inspiring.

Renovators and designers are good at helping you figure out how colour can match your mood, your style, how you live your life.

Some people like to use colour to identify certain areas of their home – doorways, for instance, or quiet spaces.

Even when you choose white, there are endless shades to consider. Same with beige and tan and blue and… well, any colour. Its one reason to use a renovator or design professional who is skilled in its use – who knows how colour can actually impact the way you feel.

Another thing to consider is the way colour changes depending on the time of day and the season, and how much light comes into a room. A colour on a sunny side of the house can look different in a room on the other side which is primarily in the shade.

Other light makes an impact too, depending on whether it’s incandescent, halogen or fluorescent. Renovators and design professionals often suggest you place a colour on a wall and watch it for a few days so you’ll have an idea how it will appear in different lighting conditions.

Colour is psychological, with a wide range of emotional cues. Take your time with it. Consult your professional. It will be time and effort well spent.


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