What do we want? The best, of course

They say 60 is the new 40, and if you were born in the middle of the last century, you know the truth of that.

We are, on average, healthier, more fit, more tech-savvy, more comfortable than our parents. We have time on our hands and some disposable income.

 We like to travel and socialize, to entertain. We have our hobbies, interests, friends and a certain way of life that was not usually available to our parents; nor is it necessarily in the cards for our grandchildren.

 We know what we want when it comes to a standard of living. When we decide to renovate, we have definite ideas and goals.

Most people “of a certain age” in the 21st century want good, roomy, highly-functional kitchens where we can cook and entertain at the same time. We want homes that are easy to maintain, open, airy, happy; homes that are made for visiting friends and family.

We don’t scrimp on the renovations that update and beautify our homes. We use professional renovators, especially if experience in the past has taught us what can happen when we don’t. We shop around; we get references; we rely on word-of-mouth from our neighbours. We know quality and we expect it.

We want homes that adapt to ever-changing technology. We want the latest in technology to make our lives easier, simpler, more seamless. Sometimes we want beautiful gardens and landscaping. We want outdoor comfort in summer and cozy warmth indoors in winter.

Many of us decide to turn bedrooms into home offices, sewing rooms or studios. Our renovators are important to us, because they help us create the lifestyle we have earned over the years.

Although we’re younger at heart than people our age in past eras, we know we’re aging, and many of us want to stay in our own homes when the inevitable happens. So we are thinking about and planning for that day. Many of us choose renovations that include subtle “aging-in-place” features like walk-in showers, wider doorways, main-floor bedroom suites and graded landscaping in place of steps.

This is the best time for changes to our lives. Make the best of this opportunity by working with a professional renovator!


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