Welcome your guests with comfort

Company’s on its way ‒ along with summer. If you’re beginning a professional renovation with guests in mind, there are a few things that your renovator can help you to consider.

If you’re adding a bathroom, make it ultra-luxurious and inviting. There are so many excellent items available ‒ things like custom showers that are roomy and efficient, with plenty of places for shampoo and all those other beauty products we like to have, and with shower heads designed for ultimate luxury, with heated flooring and benches, with big sinks and towel warmers… well, you get the idea.

 Your guests will probably want to be able to charge their devices. A few “charging stations” are ideal and easy for your renovator to add to bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms. As technology changes, this will change, too, but your renovator will guide you through options having flexibility for adjustment in future years.

Quiet time alone is something everyone likes, and your guests perhaps most (especially if they’ve travelled to get to you). You might consider adding a small kitchenette with refrigerator and microwave to your guest room, a couple of comfy chairs, and a TV area.

Suitcases are not necessarily clothes-friendly, no matter how good the suitcase or how “unwrinkleable” the clothes. Your guests could use a good system for hanging clothes, a built-in Ironing board, and well-designed cabinetry in the guest room or bath.

A heated floor is a lovely touch no matter the season, especially when a person gets out of the shower or their bed. You can ask your renovator to include radiant in-floor heating in the designs.

If you’re renovating before company comes, you might as well go all the way. And the bonus? When your guests leave, you’ll have this lovely space to enjoy on your own.









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