Uncover the stories, but be prepared

There’s nothing quite as beautiful as an old home rich in history and memories. The look and feel of a well-loved heritage home is unsurpassed. But of course, with anything so excellent, there’s a price to pay. Updating this beautiful old home is a job needing the best heritage restoration specialist you can find.

Your Renomark® heritage renovator will walk you through it. Take a deep breath and prepare yourself for some of the things to expect.

Systemic damage: Your old house has been through a lot of experiences over its many years. It could be hurting from water damage, for example ‒ maybe damage that you can’t see but damage that will reveal itself once your renovator begins work.

From the bottom up: If the foundation may be compromised through years of wear and tear and weather, it could need special, and potentially costly, attention.

History: Your restoration specialist will have a good idea of your home’s past, but it’s best to do your own research, if for no other reason than to understand what it has endured. Your home’s history is another reason why a restoration specialist is so vital to the project.

The basics: Consider your roof and masonry. Expect that they may need attention every bit as much as the foundation. For example, masonry requires periodic maintenance such as re-pointing to preserve its functionality.

Windows: You might need to compromise when it comes to windows in order to preserve some of your home’s lovely past ‒ antique glass, or the use of wooden frames for instance.

Electrical, plumbing and other “inside” features: Depending on your home’s last update, you might be in for a surprise in these areas, but your specialist can give you a good idea of what to expect.

Floors: Your renovator can straighten them and make them like new, but maybe that’s not what you want. A compromise might be in order so you can retain the charm but live with easy maintenance.

Personality: You shouldn’t even try to have your home look like everyone else’s, rather you should celebrate the unique historical features that make your home special. Work with your renovator to maintain your home’s originality, with all the stories buried within its structure.



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