Time for a change?

If you already love your home, why should you renovate?

There are lots of reasons, but what it comes down to is how you really want to live. It’s about lifestyle, comfort, aestheticism, and investment.

Loving your home doesn’t mean it’s necessarily perfect, as you know. There’s always something that could be better. Is your kitchen too small? Too cold? Too impractical?

Do you have enough storage? Are the kids getting bigger? Big enough that they’re leaving you with a lot of spaces you no longer use in the same way? Or are they getting SO big they’re leaving home, and now your house is presenting you with different possibilities?

How energy-efficient is your home? Is it simply time to update from that standpoint? Are you interested in practicality or cosmetics, or both? (RenoMark™ renovators always stay on top of the latest and greatest in design, technologies and products ‒ just ask.)

Perhaps it comes down to one question: What do you need to match your house to your lifestyle and objectives at this stage in your life?

Once you’ve decided that now is the time, the rest becomes a journey. For best value and security, that journey should begin with a professional renovator – and ideally one who carries the RenoMark™ logo.

Your renovator will help you decide the best ways to work with your home’s strengths and address its weaknesses. You can begin with a smallish renovation now, but with plans in place from the start to keep going as budget and life allow.

Your renovator will know what permits are needed, what the bylaws will let you do, how long it will take, approximately how much it will cost ‒ and also what you might not be able to do, depending on structure and space as well as municipal restrictions.

Another thing you’ll probably want to consider, when you’re thinking of an exterior renovation, is the style and tradition of the homes around you. Your professional renovator will help you factor this into your plans so your home is an asset to both you and your neighbourhood. Not only will your neighbours thank you, but a house that fits its surroundings will also be much easier to sell if and when the time comes.

Enjoy the dreaming, the process, the journey. But most of all, enjoy the result.


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