Think twice about these for your home

If you’ve listened to people who have “been there” you might know there are certain types of renovation that don’t always provide good returns if it comes times to sell your home.

It’s easy to get carried away and add all the things you really want. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, if you plan on staying in your home for many years, or if you want certain features no matter what. It’s your life and your lifestyle, and your home, after all.

But if you’re thinking “resale”, well, there are some things that experts will tell you might be better left undone.

  • Don’t go crazy on landscaping. Make it beautiful and functional, of course. Keep it neat and attractive, but in such a way that an average person could realistically maintain it or afford to have it maintained. Your professional renovator or landscaper can offer many suggestions about creating beauty without setting up impossible expectations. An exquisite or extensive garden can attract potential buyers, but it doesn’t always mean they’ll want to get involved enough in its maintenance to buy. What might be a beautiful garden to you could be a prison for someone else.
  • Think twice (or three times) about putting in a swimming pool. It can often be a wonderful thing for a family to have, but it also takes a fair bit of care and expense that might make a future buyer turn away.
  • Be careful not to upgrade to the latest and greatest trend, especially when it comes to electronics. Keep an open mind. Remember when everyone was wiring for stereo system, home alarms and so on? And then everything went wireless. Technology changes fast, and you won’t want to find yourself, three or four or five years from now, dealing with outmoded systems. Keep your focus on things that last: floors, structure, windows, efficiency. Your professional renovator will guide you on the aspects of a renovation that are always classic.
  • As much as possible, keep your exterior renovation within the general style and era of the neighbourhood. You can ask your renovator to get innovative and creative, of course. You might want to introduce a new colour or “look”. But don’t let your home become a “sore thumb”, or the elephant on the street. Professional renovators know exactly how to do this, so listen to their professional advice.
  • Keep it simple. Simplicity always lasts beyond trends of the moment, especially if those trends are ornate or complicated in any way. Even if you stay in your home forever, you won’t get tired of it… and neither will anyone else.




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