The sweetest place of all

The sweetest place of all

Summer house. Pavilion. Rotunda. Gazebo.

Whatever you call it, this special little building can be a haven for quiet reflection, a place to read the latest bestseller, or a simply a retreat from a busy life. It can be a solace, a small getaway. It can lend itself to secrets and stories shared between friends. It’s perfect for meals, whether picnic lunch or candlelight dinner.

You see these iconic buildings sometimes in parks or by a lake or tucked into the woods. They’re reminiscent of old-fashioned times, of courting and romance and dreams.

Maybe one belongs in your own back yard, or perhaps at your cottage as the perfect place for watching waterside sunsets.

Your RenoMark® renovator can help assist with the initial practicalities: with permits and bylaws, and the best materials to use. They’ll help with design, form, and function – guiding you to decide whether your gazebo will stand all by itself, or if it will connect to a deck or a dock. You might want it to have open sides, or you might want to screen it in. You can plan it so it’s accessible and child-proof, rustic or pretty.

Your gazebo might be big (depending on the space available, of course) – big enough for a complete set of furniture. Or maybe it will be a “little” place, just the right size for a couple of rocking chairs. Maybe it will hold a fold-up cot or two for sleeping on those hot summer nights.

In Canada, and especially in Ottawa, a simple gazebo is really only useful in the warmer months. But what a slow, laid-back, pleasant, peaceful way to spend those months, year after year.

Which renovator to call? Take your pick from this great list of professionals.

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