The One in Charge

The One in Charge

Who’s the person who really makes your renovation happen ‒ smoothly and efficiently? Think of all the people who might be involved. There’s the contractor. The designer. The architect. The engineer. The plumber. The electrician. The flooring specialist. The tile setter. The drywall expert. The home energy advisor. The inspector. The roofers. The people in the office. The carpenters. Depending on the size and scope of your renovation, there’s a whole team working to make your home beautiful and functional.

 But there’s usually one individual behind them all, the one who works with every single person involved in your renovation to ensure that the approved scope of work, schedule and budget are respected.

 The site supervisor, or project manager, is the real “keeper” of your project. This is the person who has the experience, expertise, people skills, organization, and technological savvy. The supervisor or project manager is constantly checking on and co-ordinating safety, progress, daily issues, materials, scheduling, trades; and reporting back regularly. They maintain, update, and keep the project flowing smoothly through every stage.


This is why it’s important to know who is keeping those eagle eyes your renovation: the supervisor or project manager who will ultimately make sure everything turns out just as you hoped and dreamed.

The project manager is someone who should be available to you, to meet with you to answer questions or address concerns. He or she must have your confidence. Before your renovation begins, ask who will be leading the project. Find out what’s involved in the task, and what expertise this person has.

 And then take a deep breath, knowing that your renovation is in capable hands.



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