The best renovations are safe renovations

When the weather turns from dark winter to the freshness and promise of spring and summer, a family’s fancy often turns to thoughts of renovation.

One of the first questions you might ask yourself is whether you can afford it. And then, how you might save some money. Maybe you could do it yourself. The TV shows make it look possible and satisfying, that’s for sure. Maybe you could get that friend of a friend — what’s-his-name — that guy who knows how to do lots of renovation sort of work, the guy who gives great discounts if you pay in cash.

These are valid questions. Renovation is expensive. But in the end, a do-it-yourself renovation or one done by an amateur or, worse, a con artist, usually ends up costing more in the long run — and without the quality that a professional can provide.

A professional renovator is likely one who is a member of the RenoMark™ program. That means you get first-class work, warranties, and often permits taken care of. It means you get experienced trades who are insured with the Workman’s Safety Insurance Board and for liability. It means a renovator who has on staff, or can recommend, superb designers. The pros understand budget and can tell you what it will cost to get what you want. They can help you plan your renovation in stages, so it’s easier to afford. They know the best products. They get the job done on time, and they clean up after themselves. They stay in touch with you and provide all key information in writing. They know if your home needs preliminary work done first so there are no surprises, and your renovation is solid, and it lasts. They take care of the timing and co-ordination of trades.

A professional will stay with you, will check on you afterwards to make sure everything’s okay. They don’t need “do-overs”. They get it right the first time, or it’s on them.

You can do the TV show thing or go the friend of a friend route if you want to.

But to be sure and safe and relaxed, a professional renovation is always the best way to go.








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