Take the quiz!

How well do you understand RenoMark®? Do you know what it can do for you?

Here are a few questions to test your knowledge. Answers are at the end. But no peeking!






  1. What is RenoMark®? (a) A new restaurant (b) A colour (c) A professional program
  2. What will it do for you? (a) Take spots off your clothes (b) Give you peace of mind (c) Do your tax returns
  3. What do RenoMark® members have in common? (a) They take care of business (b) They like peanut butter (c) They all drive Hondas
  4. A RenoMark® renovator is (a) Fun and witty (b) Clean and organized (c) Speedy
  5. They say RenoMark® people are like steel because they are: (a) Trustworthy (b) Tough (c) Unbendable
  6. Your renovator should: (a) Sleep in (b) Eat out (c) Stay updated
  7. RenoMark® saves you money because its members: (a) Return pop bottles (b) Reject cash (c) Hide
  8. RenoMark® members are distinguished by: (a) Their promise (b) Their brand of jeans (c) Their Hairstyles



  1. (c) A professional program. RenoMark® is a program especially for professional renovators. The renovators must meet specified standards and pay a fee to become members.
  2. (b) Give you peace of mind. Hiring a RenoMark® renovator is the surest way to have peace of mind. Your RenoMark® renovator stays in touch, answers your calls quickly, and keeps you informed.
  3. (a) They take care of business. RenoMark® renovators have to give you a detailed, written contract for all jobs and provide a two-year warranty. They and all their sub-contractors must have Workers Safety Insurance Board coverage. They make sure all necessary approvals and permits are in place before starting your job and they ensure that all of the necessary inspections are done as the job progresses.
  4. (b) Clean and organized. RenoMark® renovators pride themselves on ensuring a clean, safe worksite. They keep the site tidy while they work and always clean up before they leave. They also carry a minimum of $2 million in liability insurance and provide a clearance certificate from the Worker Safety Insurance Board.
  5. (a) Trustworthy. RenoMark® renovators back up their work with business licenses. They are members in good standing of the Greater Ottawa Home Builders’ Association and they abide by the GOHBA Code of Ethics.
  6. (c) Stay updated. RenoMark® renovators stay current through consistent and continuing education, in their professional knowledge of building codes, permit procedures, and technical skills.
  7. (b) Reject cash. RenoMark® renovators never work for cash and they always charge HST as required. They speak out against the underground economy.
  8. (a) Their promise. RenoMark® renovators have seen the horror stories. They’ve cleaned up some of those messes left by amateurs or con artists. They promise you won’t have any horror stories on their watch. They’re there at the beginning, middle, end, and afterwards. And they put it in writing.



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