Stay cozy… and renovate

It’s time for comfort food, a roaring fire in the fireplace, cozy socks, a good book, a comfy chair. Winter is like that. It makes us want to curl up until spring.

That is unless you’re a professional renovator. They don’t let winter stop them; and in fact, they say winter is a great time for renovating.




Here are some of the reasons that they give:

  • It’s mostly indoor work, and much of renovation (unless it’s building an addition) is indoors anyway.
  • They like to keep their favourite tradespeople busy all year round. Good trades are gems in the renovation industry.
  • When there is exterior work, they don’t have to worry about hurting freshly-planted gardens.
  • They also don’t have to worry about rain, which can stop certain projects until the weather clears up. Snow can always be shoveled away; it usually doesn’t create mud.
  • Some materials, such as wood flooring, behave better in winter because of the lower humidity.
  • Because the heating is on, paint can dry more quickly.
  • Kitchens, bathrooms, basements, attics, closets are all good candidates for renovation in winter.
  • You can sometimes arrange better scheduling in the winter than in summer, when work is traditionally lighter.
  • If you take on a renovation project in winter, you’ll be free to take vacations in summer or act as host for friends and family ‒ without having to navigate a construction site.

Your professional renovators are good at keeping everything clean and tidy at the end of the day. You’ll probably still be able to make that winter comfort food and find a quiet corner for reading, even in renovation time… and have everything finished by spring.

Sort of a win-win, when you think about it.


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