Simplicity is beauty

There’s traditional design… and then there’s cool, sleek, clean, contemporary simplicity.

“Minimalist” is a trend you’ve probably seen in modern renovation, and perhaps have considered for yourself.

It is certainly “cool”, but it isn’t “cold”. It is far from plain. Here’s another paradox: minimalist design is not really all that simple. It requires the professional eye of an experienced designer and renovator to make it really “sing”.

In renovation, “more is less” and “simplicity is beauty” means simple, clean, elegant. It also means superb functionality and aestheticism. It often means the use of steel, glass, natural wood, open spaces, a sense of order, stunning use of shape, and crisp lines. It can be an exquisite work of art, a creative challenge ‒ with your home as canvas.

You will probably want to de-clutter as much as possible before your renovation begins, but your renovator and designer can incorporate almost invisible integrated spaces for storage of the things you really want to keep. (For that minimalist look, all that “stuff” should be hidden.) Renovators know exactly how to do this, of course. They also know the most compact way to build each element in your home.

Your designer will guide you to the colour combinations that speak to a minimalist look, sometimes with little surprises, little flashes of colour in a white room, for instance, that create a simple and delightful personality.

A streamlined look is not only easy on the eyes. It can also create a fluid, serene environment ‒ and a better, bigger, sense of space.

It’s not always for everyone, but for you?

It might be exactly the look you’ve been missing.


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