Serenity on the outside

You might notice that a house on your street has been so re-modelled on the outside that you hardly recognize it.

And it’s beautiful. And you love it. And you wonder if it’s what you want for your own home.

Sometimes the biggest part of that lovely look is simply a beautifully built and designed front porch. You might consider going all-out on this one endearing, enduring, feature. A professional renovator knows what sort of look and style and structure your house can accommodate.

A beautiful front porch adds a certain dignity and charm to your home, for sure. But it can also be a serene place that seems to invite you to read, think, dream, plan; a place made for gathering with friends and family on a soft summer evening. Porches can also be a great way to meet your neighbours as they walk by your home!

A porch should be perfect in every way, not just so it will last, but so it is a thing of beauty all by itself. Built with care, skill, and attention to the smallest detail, a superb front porch is always timeless no matter what the era.

The ideal, if space and structure allow, is a covered porch, and one wide enough to allow some good furniture. It should be deep enough to let you watch the rain without getting wet. You might want a porch that is screened in, or one that is glassed in for the winter but that can be opened up again with the first breezes of spring. In the right place, a porch can be the perfect place for delicate plants ‒ a front porch nursery, if you like.

You’ll need to consider the impact a porch will make on the inside of your house so that daylight isn’t compromised; but this is where your renovator will guide you, and why a front porch is often part of a larger exterior renovation ‒ one that also calls for updated windows and doors.

This could very well be the prettiest and most peaceful part of your home. Happy sitting!



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