Renovators who care

Renovators who care

They’re artists. They’re craftspeople. They’re dedicated professionals. In their own way, they’re magicians. They take an ordinary or tired space and transform it into something beautiful, functional, even life-changing.

These are the members of the Renovators Council of the Greater Ottawa Home Builders’ Association.

And they’re much more than just a pretty face.

They care – really care – about the renovation industry in Ottawa. They come from a variety of renovation companies. They’re mostly business owners or managers, and they meet each month for discussion and sharing. They talk about their experiences, what they’ve learned, about health and safety matters and how to keep making the renovation industry better.

Part of their mandate is to learn everything they can, especially about new rules and regulations, or innovative materials coming on the market. And so they invite speakers who are government experts, product representatives, accountants, inspectors, contract specialists.

Most of all, they stand together against those who insult their skills and integrity and your investment in your home – the “fly by night” contractors who often provide poor work at best, havoc and costly damage at worst.

The Renovators Council promotes the importance of hiring a professional through the RenoMark™ program, always “getting it in writing”. When it comes to your home, they care as much as you do.


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