Renovate for the future

Renovating for the future 1When we’re young, we don’t think much about getting old. We can barely imagine it. But it happens to everyone, of course. We age. Our parents age. That means the time comes when we want to have safe and comfortable homes to suit our abilities.

Many progressive young couples are looking ahead with the acceptance and foresight that they will age some day. Many have parents who have already entered their senior years. They know there could be challenges in their homes with steps and narrow entrances.

Renovators are aware of a trend to plan for “aging in place” long before it becomes necessary. They have created some beautiful new spaces, often in older homes, that are ready for people of all abilities but don’t look institutional or, in fact, different from other homes except they have received a stunning facelift.

RenoMark™ renovators are the professionals who can transform a home in such a way that a young family can enjoy it now and then age with it in the years to come. Hallways and doorways are slightly wider; showers are “walk-in”, without any sort of step; entranceways are beautifully graded and landscaped without steps. A person in a wheelchair or with a walker or cane could easily navigate the whole house safely and elegantly. And yet, when the homeowners are young, the look is one of simple grace and beauty. And the home has good value if they want to sell it.

If you’re thinking of moving towards an “age-in-place” home, you might be pleasantly surprised at all the things you can do. This is not the time however, to hire just any renovator. Hire a professional. Hire a renovator who carries the RenoMark™ logo. Find one here.



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