Reno after care

Reno after care

You’ve done it. You’ve completed your renovation project. After months of planning and dreaming and then living through disruption, it’s finally over.

But it isn’t necessarily over yet.

This is the time, after the renovation, when you know whether your renovator is really top-drawer. You will know by the way you are treated when the relationship has ended.


The best professional renovators will usually spell out warranty and “after care” in your contract. If they don’t, or if the terms aren’t clear enough, ask. Know what happens after the party’s over, but long before it even begins.

One of the biggest reasons for the success of the RenoMark™ program is the emphasis on customer service. RenoMark™ renovators are bound to “provide a minimum two-year warranty on all work except minor repair. But many RenoMark renovators go beyond that and go back for even small fixes after the warranty is up. They do this cheerfully and quickly, and don’t put the customer on the back burner just because the job is finished.

Good renovators know it all comes down to you, the homeowner, and how happy you are, not just at the end of a renovation, but years later. After all, their business depends on repeat and referral business!

Of course, it’s in the interests of the renovator, too. Who are you likely to call when you want to renovate another room or section of your house? The ones who took off right afterwards, too busy to pay attention to you anymore? Or the ones who values you enough to come back when you need them?

It’s a little like knowing the ending of the book ‒ the epilogue ‒ before you start the first chapter.


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