On your side at any age

On your side at any age

When your knees start to ache or you’ve become a little unsteady on your feet, it’s easy to imagine an older you, a “you” who wants to stay in your own home. Why let a lack of mobility change where you live?

It doesn’t have to.

Professional renovators are at the forefront of change and renewal, and they know how to make your home not only functional for any level of mobility, but stunningly beautiful at the same time.

Many say there is a trend towards designing homes so that owners can “age in place” — not just as aging begins but well before, when people are in their 30s, 40s, or 50s. They know they would like to remain in their homes for a long time so they start planning now. This is especially prudent when there is lots of time to do the alterations in stages, as budget permits.

There are many professional renovators in Ottawa who are experts in such renovation. Their work includes clever landscaping that allows wheelchair access without using a ramp. They build roll-in showers that have no sill; they make all doorways consistently wider so the eye sees nothing unusual. They know which flooring to use so it’s slip-proof but smooth. They install interior elevators where needed.

It’s one of the wonderful things about aging in these times. Professional renovators are on your side. They can make life, no matter what age or mobility level, better.

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