More (much more) than a door

More (much more) than a door

Who are you? Are you modern, old fashioned, laid back, bold? Are you quiet and shy or outgoing and welcoming? Are you tidy or rustic?

Nothing quite tells passersby who you are, at a glance, more than your front door.

When you’re contemplating a professional renovation of your home’s exterior, a “look” is probably one of the first things you’ll think about.  How do you decide what that should be? One good way is to go out walking in your neighbourhood (or neighbourhoods in other cities or countries, if you’re lucky) and look for inspiration.

A door, you will probably see, is not necessarily “just” a door. It’s a statement.

A front door needs to “work with” what surrounds it. The perfect door for a heritage clapboard-sided house, or a brick Victorian beauty, for instance, might not be the right one for an ultra-modern house made of glass and steel. That’s where your professional renovator or designer comes in. They have the experience and the talent to guide you, and also to suggest the best door-manufacturers in the region. They can help you decide whether your door should be steel, or fibreglass, or wood.

Your most difficult decision might be the colour you want, because when it comes to doors, you can have anything you want. Your door manufacturer can create a custom colour for you if you can supply a colour swatch.

When you’re thinking exterior renovation, think “door”.  Think “impact”. Think “personality”. Think “memorable”. Think “first impression”. Think “curb appeal”.

This simple part of your house isn’t simple at all. Not even close. But the right choice will significantly enhance the appearance and value of your home!


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