Make your garage a showpiece

Dust off the cobwebs. Get rid of all that old stuff. And then stand back and take a good look at your garage. It can be so much more.

It can be a centre of efficiency. With the right cabinets or storage system, it can tuck away all the things you need but don’t want to look at every minute. It can be a tool shop, a workshop, a home office, a place to get away. With good design and careful planning, it can be a showpiece.

 Your garage can be home to your vehicles, but it can also be for you. It can function as a sound studio, an artist’s loft, a bar, a pet-grooming station. It can be flooded with light from new windows or skylights and have a floor that is friendly to humans, pets, cars, mud, and snow.

It may take a while to decide how you’d like to use it, but once you do, call in a professional renovator. Your renovator will help you plan and design your new garage and also understand what will fit your budget.

You might want to discuss renovating your garage in stages. This year, it might have storage systems or a new floor added, along with improved heating and air conditioning systems. Next time, it might have a new door, roof, and windows. Another time, you might want to expand it and turn part of it into a workspace.

The professionals know what to do, and when, in this case. They also know what permits might be needed, and many will get the permits for you. But make sure your renovator is a true professional, one who carries the RenoMark® logo. 

This is not a job to be done quickly or without proper planning. For this (as well as most renovations) you need a renovator that you can count on.


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