Make the election a #homebeliever moment

By: Jason Burggraaf, Executive Director of the Greater Ottawa Home Builders’ Association

Homebelievers are people just like you and me.

We’re scrimping and saving to buy a home. Or we’d like to downsize but even with the windfall we couldn’t stay in our community. We’re concerned about how far away our child will have to move in order to buy a home, and we’re wondering if we can afford to help them to get into one, or if we can’t afford not to.

At the Greater Ottawa Home Builders’ Association, GOHBA we’re hearing these stories in our sales offices, from our customers, and from our coworkers and colleagues. The great Canadian dream of home ownership, the one that was reasonably attainable for generations past, is now slipping through our fingers.

That’s why we’re calling on home believers across Ottawa and the entire province to help us spread the message – that we still believe in the dream of home ownership and we need to make sure it’s attainable for generations to come.

So, who exactly is a #HomeBeliever? It’s the students at Carleton, U of O, Algonquin, and La Cité who walk around the neighbourhoods near their campus and dream of living in those homes. It’s those renters across the city who are looking for a small patch of green grass to call their own. It’s the young family with a baby on the way and thinking they could do with just a little more space.

A #HomeBeliever is a neighbour who will not give up on the dream of home ownership because they understand the life-long value of living, working, and playing in a community of their choice.

For GOHBA, it’s about building homes of all types for people in communities where they want to live.

The #homebeliever pledge has already been signed by more than 1200 Ontarians. People have signed it at restaurants, at sporting events, and even by non-profit housing groups like Habitat for Humanity and Options for Homes.. (only in Toronto)

You can sign it too by going to On the website, you can also send a copy to the candidates running for MPP in your part of Ottawa. Already, more than 100 provincial candidates from all three parties have signed the pledge.

We believe all MPPs should be #homebelievers.

How else can you get involved? Participate in the #homebeliever conversation and follow @GOHBA_Ottawa and @OntarioHBA on Twitter. Shout it out when you’ve visited and signed the pledge.

Now is the time to show those who would be our MPPs that we still believe in the great Canadian dream of home ownership – that we want more housing choice and supply across Ottawa and all of Ontario – and that we should all be #homebelievers.

You are one of many #homebelievers across the province and your voice is valuable.

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