Look up to a brand new space

Look up to a brand new space

Let’s say you have an attic in your older home. Maybe it’s full of dust. Maybe it’s spider-webby and has some kind of junk in it that you’ve forgotten or was left there by owners a generation or two ago.

Let’s say you get thinking about it, and you begin to imagine what you might do with that attic. Maybe it will be a room of your own, a quiet place to read or write or paint. Maybe it will be an extra bedroom, or a music room.

When you get to feeling this way, the first thing to do is to consider which professional renovator you will call. A professional bearing the RenoMark® logo will be able to tell you, before you go any further, if your attic is a good candidate for renovation. It might not be.

But if it is, there will be all kinds of rules set out by the building codes in your municipality. Building code requirements can be tricky, especially with attics, but your professional renovator will be able to explain them to you. Your renovator will also know precisely how to abide by them, and to get necessary permits on your behalf.

There are rules, for instance, about windows (will you need a dormer?) and ceiling height; about heating and support; about access to the attic (what kind of stairs are required?); about egress, too: how to get out of there safely in case of an emergency. Your professional renovator will know all the requirements.

What will be the impact of your new attic on roof structure? Will you be able to have skylights or sun tunnels? What kind of insulation? How will you cool it in summer?

Once that’s out of the way, and it looks as though a renovated attic is in your future, you’ll be able to start planning the aesthetics. How will it look and function? Will it have a bathroom? What kind of walls will you want? What kind of floors will minimize noise to the downstairs rooms? Your renovator will help walk you through all these decisions.

This could be the beginning of a new space in your life. But don’t go there without a RenoMark® pro.

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