Let light be your paintbrush

When you’re planning all the things you want in your renovation, remember that good design includes the use of good lighting.

Light can be as important an element of the finished product as the colours you choose. It can make a statement, project a feeling, and create a mood for you, your family, and your visitors. Light is so much more than an overhead fixture or a lamp in a corner. It can be as functional and as decorative as you like, and environmentally friendly at the same time.

 If you’re planning kitchen, bathroom or laundry centre, you’ll probably want to think of natural light ‒ light that is soft but bright enough to see you through your many tasks. Natural light can set the tone for the day. It can make a room sing (and maybe you, too).

Lights trained specifically on the job at hand ‒ cutting up vegetables, washing dishes, putting on makeup ‒ can be critical, and easy enough for your professional designer and renovator to achieve in exactly the way you want.

Lights under countertops, along baseboards in hallways or strategically placed within a staircase can be a gentle way to welcome the night and also provide safety and comfort.

You might hear your designer speak about layers of light. They can be the prettiest touches on the canvas that is your home. The possibilities are endless. Talk to your renovator. Let the quality of light guide you and delight you throughout your days (and nights).






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