Keeping it bright and open

There are a lot of good reasons to decide on an open concept design for your renovation. The first is simply the beauty, flexibility and simplicity of an open space. An open space looks much bigger, brighter, more welcoming and contemporary. It can also simplify your life.

This is especially true when your open space is a kitchen, perhaps combined with a family room and everyday dining room. For families, it allows everyone to be present to cook, do homework, visit with friends and eat a meal together ‒ but with plenty of elbow room and no walls to separate people. It’s a good way to entertain, so you can chat with your guests and prepare a meal ‒ perhaps with them ‒ without feeling as though you’re “stuck” in the kitchen. Busy, multi-tasking parents often like open spaces so they can more easily keep an eye on their children. 

You can be creative in the way you place furniture, especially if there’s a good amount of room. You might have a fireplace. You might break up the one large space into sitting areas, table areas, office workspace, entertainment centre… all without walls. If you plan it carefully, you can have “open” and “cozy” all in one space. 

Open concept design allows you to opt for lots of glass and sliding doors out to a backyard living area. Clever lighting schemes can illuminate one part but not the other, or gently light the way throughout the space when day is done 

The first person to talk to about this concept, of course, is your professional renovator, who will know exactly how to create it safely, beautifully, and efficiently.


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