Just what you want it to be

You can renovate! You can change your existing space. You can expand, brighten, transform. There’s no end to the exciting things your renovator can do.

But maybe the most exciting transformation happens when you create a whole new addition to your home.

It’s not something to take on lightly, of course. It requires the utmost professional treatment, starting with good design, then acquiring all the proper permits and continuing with the matter of aesthetics and function.

The excitement in it, of course, comes from the sense of creating a whole new house, but without the huge expense of building a custom home. It also means you don’t have to leave your home. You can just make it better than it was, and life goes on: same street, same community, same schools, shopping and everything else that is so much a part of where you live.

A new addition is like a fresh piece of paper, a blank slate. It can be what you want it to be ‒ in consultation with your professional renovator and designer, of course. This will be a big project and it will impact the investment you already have in your home, so make sure you hire the best professionals in the industry. (You can be confident of this if you look for the RenoMark™ logo.)

Your renovator and designer will ask you, first of all, what you want, so be prepared before you talk to them. Know what you want your new addition to provide. What will it contain? Bedroom? Bathroom? Entertaining area? Guest suite? What sort of ambience will it create?. Will it be light and airy with lots of windows, skylights and white walls? Or will it be more subdued, perhaps as a quiet area for listening to music or reading?

Once you have a sense of the way you’d like it to act and look, and an idea of your budget, your professionals will help you take it from there. They will know all the technicalities involved: what you can do legally; how much it is likely to cost; the best way to situate it; the structural, plumbing and electrical work required; and the amount of time it will take.

Remember to take “before” pictures. A new addition will be such a beautiful change you might not believe what it was like without it.


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