How to love your visitors

How to love your visitors

Guests on their way? Are you ready?

No matter how much you enjoy their company, there’s a lot to be said for making sure they have their own space in your home – for your sake as well as theirs. Of course, you’ll want that space to be beautiful, private, and comfortable.

Your professional renovator can help with all of it.

You might have an empty basement, or space over your garage, or a closed-in porch. All can be good candidates for a guest suite.

If these spaces aren’t possible, you might consider having a whole new addition built. If you’re “starting from scratch” this way, it expands your options, because a guest suite can also become a quiet wing of the house that might accommodate a library, a music room, a studio, a sauna, or an exercise area, for example.

Your guest suite can be a place for overnight guests or something more: a small apartment for people who visit more often or people who travel a long way and need a space to call their own while they’re with you.

A guest suite can also graduate to a teenage suite when your children are in transition to adulthood, or a place for your parents to retire.

The most important thing is to know how you would like to use the space – if it’s a guest bedroom or something more expansive; a temporary refuge, or a permanent extension to your home.

Your professional renovator can help from your first ideas – with concept and design, and then to materials, workmanship, and beautiful results.

Don’t leave such an important project to an amateur or to someone unproven. Look for a renovator who carries the RenoMark® logo, because this is the sign of a true pro.

Once they’re finished, you can start waiting for your guests to arrive.

And if your guests cancel? You’ll have a perfect getaway space just for you.

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