Good news? A new roof really lasts

Good news? A new roof really lasts

You probably groan when you see the signs that your house needs a new roof. It’s a big expense and a large “event”, for sure.

But it’s likely less daunting than you might think. There are a number of first-class roofing companies in Ottawa who carry the RenoMark® logo, and they can make your experience simple and quick. They can also give you the confidence of knowing you won’t need to think about another type of roof for a long, long time.


Roofing materials have changed substantially over the years. The latest arrivals on the roofing market are multi-layered “architectural shingles”. They’re backed with a fiberglass base and two to four pieces that are glued together.

Another good choice for a roof is metal. It’s more expensive than other materials, but it’s durable, strong, lightweight and easy to install. And it’s almost indestructible. It’s what you might call a lifetime-and-beyond roof.

Aluminum shingles far outlast asphalt shingles. They don’t fade, rot or rust. In summer, they reflect the sun. In winter, the snow just slides off them.

Your renovator or roofing contractor will tell you what’s involved in tearing off your existing roof; attic ventilation; and installing appropriate flashings and eave protection.

The most important thing you can do, when it’s “new-roof” time, is to make absolutely sure you hire the right contractor. Look for an established business with a good reputation, membership in the Greater Ottawa Home Builders Association and RenoMark®.

If a new roof is part of an overall renovation or addition, your professional renovator will automatically guide you to a reputable roofing company, or arrange it for you as part of the renovation.

If you choose your new roof well, you can finally forget about it. For a long, long time.

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