First things first

You’ve taken a deep breath. Several, in fact. You’ve talked about it, done some research. You’re about to make all your dreaming a reality.

It’s renovation time!

There are some important steps to take, however. Professional Ottawa renovators suggest some of them:

Be realistic. This project is going to take a while to get started, and longer to finish. Don’t expect miracles overnight.

Be ready. You’re going to be disrupted and you need to provide access for the renovation work. You might even have to move out for a while (if it’s a really big renovation).

Be organized. Make sure there’s a daily cleanup requirement in your contract.

Hire a pro, and only a pro. Check out renovators who are part of the RenoMark™ program.

Find your own references and referrals. Ask other homeowners who have gone through a professional renovation with a local company.

Design carefully and ensure that the scope of your renovation is well thought out and fully detailed. The cost of the work and the schedule for its completion depend on this.

Estimate accurately. Once you have a preliminary design, get serious about budget. Your renovator will help guide you.

Get it in writing. You probably already know this, but it can’t be stated often enough. If you hire a RenoMark™ renovator, the contract will be precise (including the scope of work, schedule and budget) and binding. But don’t ‒ ever ‒ hire a contractor without a contract.

Communicate. Once your project is underway, make sure you have regular and open communication with your renovator. Know that you can raise any concerns at any time.

Be prepared for changes. But get them in writing and approve the cost beforehand.

Relax. Well, if you can. Renovation can be stressful and messy. But if you’ve taken all the right steps, know it will all work out just fine.


Enjoy the journey!





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