Exterior Makeover

External Makeover


Get the lasting look you want

Makeover. Do-over. Before and After. It’s fun, but it can also be daunting, especially when it will change the face of your home – the one people see from the outside.

When it comes to changing the look of your home’s exterior, there are many things to consider.  Professional renovators spend a good deal of time with you in this “thinking”stage, because there is such a large variety of materials, colours, and products. Assuming you want quality, you won’t be doing anything that is a “quick fix” that you simply change next year. A beautiful new look for your home, one that lasts many years, needs to be timeless.

Your renovator will want to know the “look” you want, at first in general terms. Then, in more detail, you will discuss the particular products that will suit your home and possibly your neighbourhood. There will be structural considerations –perhaps some problems to correct before the addition of new siding: things like moisture, ventilation, insulation.

But there’s more to a great new face for your home than just tacking on new siding, and this is where professional renovators are so critical to the process. They know how the materials need to be applied, and which are compatible. They know what goes together – not just aesthetically but structurally. And they know what works for your budget, too.

Professional renovators who carry the RenoMark™ logo have access to information, education, and professional development, so they are on top of their game with new products, methods and approaches. That means you’re dealing with professionals who are not only experienced but knowledgeable and up-to-date.

They’ll help you learn about exterior materials that require maintenance, and materials that are designed for maximum longevity. (Many are surprisingly tough and UV-resistant.)

Before the look of your home changes, you’ll be ready – decisions made, products understood, a plan ready to be followed. Find the professional renovator best suited to you here.

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