Extended family spaces in your future?

Things are changing in the way we live. More and more Canadians are deciding to renovate rather than leave, and to renovate so they can age in place in comfort and safety.

There’s another new trend emerging as well. The cost of a home is becoming so expensive that some families are finding ways to pool their resources under one roof for multi-generational living.

But that often means expanding the roof over an extended home.

Professional renovators and designers are superb at coming up with options that are functional, beautiful, and long lasting. They might suggest, for instance, building an addition for parents or for adult children and their families.

 Another option might mean creating separate spaces under the same roof, perhaps with a common area, where two or three families can be independent and have their privacy but also collaborate on the cost and operation of a large home.

You might consider a renovation plan now that could incorporate aspects that would suit multi-generational living later on ‒ for instance, soundproofing, or a second sink in the kitchen, or just the plumbing for another bathroom or a kitchenette.

Your professional renovator can help guide you through the most efficient steps to take to get there, so one renovation leads to the next without overlap.

It’s always important to hire the best renovator you can find, but especially when there is the delicate matter of helping people to live together affordably in comfort and style.





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