Don’t waste money on amateurs

Don’t waste money on amateurs

It can be scary, deciding to do a major renovation. Should you do some of it yourself? Should you get a handy neighbour, friend, or relative to do it for you?

The hard truth of it is that there’s a good chance your renovation can actually cost more – much more – if you neglect to hire a professional renovator.

A professional renovator knows the process inside out, starting from the permits you need (and often getting them for you). They understand the best materials for the job; they hire tradespeople they know and trust; they look after you from beginning to end. Rarely do they make mistakes, and when they do, they fix them. They supply warranties and they have all the necessary insurance.

The worst thing that can happen in an “amateur” renovation is to have to start all over again when there are problems that a professional would have avoided in the first place.

Before the renovation begins, and especially if it’s something as substantial as a new addition, your local renovator will take a look at the structural, mechanical and energy considerations, as well as the zoning bylaws. They’ll do a detailed inspection of your home. This helps minimize surprises later on.

Your professional renovator will work with you on the design and you’ll discuss what you want (after you’ve first done your homework to establish your wants and needs). Your renovator will give you a range of cost, depending on what you decide, or based on your direction and budget. That’s when you’ll probably decide whether to go ahead with it soon, later, or not at all.

It’s often less expensive, and usually considerably less stressful, to renovate once and well. It doesn’t need to be as daunting as you might think.


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