Design for the moment ‒ and the future

When you’re thinking about a professional renovation, you might consider what people look for when they’re buying a home. Whether you’ll be selling yours in the near future, or whether you just want to enjoy living in it to the max, these are some of the best trends in home comfort and aesthetics.

Open spaces

Tear down those walls and open up your kitchen, living rooms, dining room, stairways. The look is light, inviting, and conducive to participation and conversation among family and friends.

No clutter

Clever renovation and design means there’s a place for everything in superb cabinetry in every room.

 Natural light

The way to a happy heart is partly just in your everyday surroundings. New windows, skylights and sun tunnels can turn any dark place into something beautiful, soft, and uplifting.

Multi-functional kitchen

Long gone are kitchens big enough for one or two people and with their only purpose being food preparation. Today’s kitchens are open, friendly, and highly functional, with areas for several members of a family to work, talk, and play.

Great storage

As the biggest no-clutter feature, storage is something you can never overdo. Innovative, attractive storage design can streamline your life, save time, and make your whole home easy on the eyes.

Spa-like showers

A shower is one of the first things you visit before you set out for the day, one of the last things you hit before bed, and a necessity when it’s time to get ready for important events. Since it’s such an important part of your life, make it roomy, luxurious, easy to keep clean, and beautiful.

Design that endures

The best design takes into account the fact that you would probably prefer not to change anything for 20 to 30 years. Your renovator and designer know this, and they know how to design a renovation that will always be young, fresh, innovative.

A terrific laundry room

No longer something stuck in a basement or in a converted closet, a modern laundry room is something that has an identity of its own. It can be nearby, where clothes planning and organization take place ‒ on the same floor as the bedrooms, for example, or near an entrance, doubling as a mud room.

 Outdoor entertaining

A home-outside-your-home can be one of the most elegant, comfortable and welcoming entertainment areas on a summer evening ‒ or almost anytime. Ask your renovator about an outdoor kitchen and covered deck among many other possibilities. Don’t forget to synchronize it with beautiful landscaping for the yard.

There are new products, methods, and endless possibilities in the world of home design. All you have to do is dream a little… and then call your renovator.




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