Design for the look of another era

Oh, for the good old days, when life was sweet, people made homemade pies, children jumped in the hayloft, and neighbours were there when you needed them.

It may not have been that perfect, but it’s an image that is appealing, and a feeling that you might want to convey in the design and renovation of your home.

What’s old is new again ‒ in renovation as well as history. Modern farmhouse style is something you can ask your renovator about. It will depend on whether your existing space will lend itself to this “look”— or at least, how far you can go with it, but your professional will be able to tell you.

The good thing about “farmhouse” or “old fashioned” renovation design is that it’s not old at all, but a renovation using the finest products and technology on the market. It only feels like another era.

Modern farmhouse style seems to use light colours or gentle blues and grays. This is where you will see beautiful shiplap walls that evoke another time but are sturdier, longer-lasting and much easier to maintain than their original ancestors

This style is also characterized by the use of “traditional” materials ‒ wood, tin, galvanized steel, timber cladding, that have that certain lovely warmth about them.

 This might be the time for a full verandah around your house (and maybe a picket fence in the front yard), or for lofts, or back stairways; for pine floors, simple wooden window panes, a walk-in pantry, an old-fashioned bannister, high baseboards, crown molding, perhaps black-and-white bathroom tile and a (modernized) clawfoot tub; old-fashioned-looking light fixtures; shaker-style cabinetry.

 Gather up your favourite images of life as it once was and what parts you’d like to incorporate into your renovation. You really can live in both worlds.

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