Dare to be different

Go ahead. Be bold. Be a little wild, even.

Your renovation doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s. It can be your own unique statement bearing your style.

Start with your designer, but have an idea what statement you want to make. If your home is traditional, spark it up with an unexpected colour, an unusual window, a surprising system of lighting. Add a touch of pizazz to doors or windows.

A professional designer is good at coming up with patterns that you might not otherwise consider: designs, for instance, in wall coverings, fabrics, flooring, and backsplashes. Paired with a good professional renovator, you can pack a lot of personality into your home without worrying that it’s overdone or that it will become tiresome over time.

Designers know how to combine different materials for a powerful but elegant look: glass and steel, for instance. Different kinds and textures of wood. A splash of colour in an otherwise neutral space. Stunning light fixtures. Fine detail everywhere you look.

When you’re planning a renovation, take a look, whether online or while visiting your neighbours’ new projects, at designs you admire; and then imagine one thing different, one thing that will stand out as a conversation piece, a focal point, a statement that you live here.

This is where the fun of creativity begins, with your style, your renovator’s knowledge, and your own determination to stand apart from the crowd.



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