Begin your renovation early

If a renovation is in your future, especially if it’s going to be this summer, NOW is the time to start planning. The most popular renovators are popular for a reason, but that means they’re busy, so they need lots of advance time.

So do you, especially if you are going to make informed, well-thought-out decisions that will impact the next many years of the way you live in your home.

Design is the first thing to consider. You will need to know what you want, of course, and you should have a good idea of your budget.

Once you’ve done that, it’s time to go shopping… not for materials or colours or anything exciting like that. Not yet. First you’ll need to research and choose the right architect, designer or renovation company.

These professionals come in many shapes and sizes, from individual to multi-person to design-and-build firms. (Hint: If you choose a professional who carries the RenoMark™ logo, you’ll be sure of getting one who operates to a higher code of conduct and will provide all the critical warranties and insurances, among other important benefits.)

Your professional will need time to design your project and get the necessary approvals. Depending on its complexity, this could easily take a few months. If it’s a big project, your professional will consider all kinds of laws having to do with restrictions and variances, and explain that to you.

Experienced designers will tell you about the variety of construction methods and materials they could use. They’ll talk about pricing and finishes, about energy use, about environmental considerations, about landscaping. Once your project has gone through all these preliminary stages and you’re ready to GO, time will still be a factor while your renovation is scheduled.

Your professional renovator/designer can navigate all these things for you. But it won’t happen overnight.

The time to begin? As soon as you can.





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